Liberate your ancestors and bless your descendants with prosperity!

Long ago, your distant ancestor’s mind and heart was more aligned to Universal Source. They were blessed with abundance, peace, protection, and lived with Grace. This was their gift from high above, and it was what was passed down to succeeding generations.

But then, there were members of your lineage that made choices and actions that were not aligned to the Divine. These choices and actions had consequences which created separations within as well as distances between Universal Source. Each bad choice became a link in a karmic chain that imprisoned your family’s access to prosperity through the generations. Each generation making choices that add to your family tree’s burden.

If you are reading this now, it means that you are being given the opportunity to represent your family lineage in undoing the karmic burdens passed down to you. This includes your current family generation.

+Pi-Ray Family Tree Healing /Ancestral Healing is a way for the inherited energetic hinderances to be gracefully alleviated. The +Pi-Ray Facilitator will, to the best of his/her ability, describe what was done in the past that cut off your lineage from Divine Prosperity to the present. The presence of your ancestors will be called forth so as to liberate their chains of guilt, shame, regret, and karmic burden. In so doing they are truly free to spiritually evolve.

If your gender is MALE, you get to stand for your PATERNAL FAMILY LINE. If your gender is FEMALE, you get to stand for your MATERNAL FAMILY LINE.

Are you ready and willing to represent your lineage’s liberation?