A mountain stands majestic, stable, immovable, being a witness to life around it yet still being part of it.

Mindfulness practice is like that. Being as stable as a mountain from within. One moment at a time. One breathe at a time. One series of thoughts at a time. One realization at a time.
One letting go at a time.

There are many benefits from Mindfulness Meditation practice. Here are a few:

• Calming mind and relaxing the body
• Training one’s focus
• Enhancing immune system and physical wellness
• Helps manage blood pressure
• A way to increase happiness
• A complement to treat depression
• Contributes to looking young
• Better connection to self and others
• Enhanced creativity

Yes, the list of benefits are many. However the main purpose of mindfulness is to help the practitioner realize TRUTH. The TRUTH of WHO-WE-TRULY-ARE.

The motivation to seek Who-we-truly-are is for the BENEFIT OF ALL SENTIENT BEINGS.

Sattvah’s mindfulness lineage is from the Tibetan tradition. By tradition, the merit/karma earned from the practice is graciously shared to others in the community and to the world. In so doing, every mindfulness moment from one person adds to the alleviation of suffering for the many.

So how does the Buddha sit? If you join the journey, you’ll definitely find out.