A Bodhisattva Light Healing (BLH) session is a recalibration of one’s Soul Matrix. Another way to look at ti is it is a Makeover of our Light Energy Bodies. One’s state of life right now is a reflection of one’s Soul Matrix. By recalibrating the matrix, one’s state of life and/or situations may be shifted as well based on one’s healing request.

How does it work? The Bodhisattva Guan Yin Ma/Avaloketishvara works with a team of Intergalactic, inter-dimensional, Non-Physical Divine Healers and Doctors to grant your healing requests.   

A BLH Facilitator becomes as a doorway for Guan Yin and her intergalactic colleagues to come through and rearrange one’s Energy Light Body Matrices to be aligned it to one’s request.

  The general procedure of a BLH session affects a person’s physical, mental, emotional, and Soul energy bodies.  Depending on one’s request, these energy bodies are shifted and reorganized.  In so doing, one’s vibration is in accordance to his/her healing request.   Healing requests may come in the form of physical, emotional, relationship without violating karmic laws.

  A BLH session  may be one-on-one or group session.  Regardless of number of participants, each petition is matched with the right Intergalactic Healer for that purpose.  Each will receive according to what they request.