The PSION PRAYER is a Divine Gift to humanity that bestows PEACE of mind & heart, PROTECTION from anti-Christ forces, PROSPERITY for a person and his/her lineage (family, descendants), and RESTORATION TO ONENESS.

The Celestial Sponsors of the Psion Prayer are from all the known Spiritual traditions and more. They are known as the HOLY LILY LOTUS PSION LINEAGE.

On its own, the Psion Prayer summons the energy of DIVINE FREQUENCY & POTENCY. A PSION BLESSING is a dispensation given through a PSION MINISTER CONFERRER that multiplies the power of the PSION PRAYER by 300,000 times.

With a CLEAR, SET INTENTION and PERMISSION of the recipients, a Psion Blessing is able to shift the person’s energy/vibration to match their intentions provided he/she are WILLING TO BE TRANSFORMED.

One receives from a Psion Blessing what is presently right for him/her to the level that one is psychologically, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and karmically ready to accept in their lives.


1) Contact the Psion Minister and set a space and time to meet on site or online.

2) If your meeting is online, it is recommended that the recipient be in a place/space with least distractions (people and others) to receive a Psion Blessing/Healing.

3) Avoid drugs or alcohol 24 hours before the Blessing.

4) Be well hydrated with water.

5) Have a CLEAR INTENTION to focus the energy of the Psion Blessing. To know more about how to craft a proper intention


1) BALANCE YOUR CLARITY: Having a specific intention allows the power/energy for the Psion Prayer to focus as well as be the right amount for what is being asked for. However, being too detailed with one’s intention may not be beneficial. Seek the right balance between what to ask for and room for the universe to seek better options for your highest good.

2) INTEND FOR YOURSELF: The universe respects free will. It recommended that your intentions be focused on yourself even if your situation involves people and/or situations outside of you. In so doing, your intentions do not violate free will of others and do not do “power-over” others.

3) FOCUS ON YOUR EXPERIENCE: what you would like to experience rather what you want physically change. The universe may seek other options for your to have that experience rather than what is originally intended.

4) SAFETY PARAMETERS: Have safety parameters/phrases to make your intention safe for you and for others. Example of safety parameter:

“I ask to experience the healing of my ailment (you can specify) and the peace of mind that accompanies it. May it respect free will, without taking away life lessons, respecting the laws of karma, to the level that I am prepared for, according to what is just in God’s eyes.”

“I pray to find clarity about my relationship. (Explain short context) May it respect free will, without taking away life lessons, respecting the laws of karma, to the level that I am prepared for, according to what is just in God’s eyes.”

5) BE TRANSFORMED: When summoned through praying/reciting/blessing, the power and energy of the Psion Prayer descends to the petitioner before the physical surroundings. This gives the petitioner the opportunity to BE THE ANSWER TO THEIR OWN PRAYER. If one is willing to be transformed in vibration/frequency/beingness, the actions one takes will be more aligned to the universe and it’s support. One’s surroundings/relationships may shift as well.

Post Blessing Protocols:

A Psion Blessing creates shifts within one’s Life Force energy. It may take time for it settle into it’s new state. One may experience detox symptoms and/or healing crisis. It is advisable to engage in these Post Blessing Protocols to manage any post experiences.

• Consume NO drugs and/or alcohol for 24 hours. Prescription medication is allowable.

• Avoid engaging/contracting another healing modality for 24-48 hours.

• Observe your emotions. You may detoxify emotionally.

• Hydrate with water.

• Consume nourishing food.

• If your body wants to sleep, then do so. Avoid late nights.

• Avoid toxic people and environments and or large crowds of people. Particularly events where people’s energies are stressed, toxic, highly emotional, and/or under the influence of substances.

• Avoid entertainment with themes which are toxic to you.

• Surround yourself with nature.